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Strategies & Processes

Neuroscience is a concept of understanding the human brain and its neural processes to know their changing behaviour. A neuroscience research team at the University of Newcastle is focusing on collecting solid investigations of subconscious functions in the human brain related to cognition and emotion.


The Neuroscience Research Group consists of highly renowned and awarded scientists who cover a diverse range of topics from cognitive neuroscience to clinical and human factors applications. The researchers also contribute their skills in mathematical and computational modelling.

Advanced Methodologies

Data is collected and analysed using the most advanced methodologies and techniques. The team focuses more on leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as high-end brain imaging to watch the functioning of the brain while processing the information.


The Neuroimaging Laboratory has three stand-alone systems that allow team members to record brand activities through EEG (Electroencephalography). They also use Functional Magnet Resonance Imaging and magnetencephalography to understand human behaviour better. All the devices are portable and deliver accurate outcomes.

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