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The state government is constantly investing money in Research and Development processes to give long-term advantages to the people of Newcastle and surrounding suburbs. Have a look at the major discoveries and researches in Science, Innovation and IT sector:

Earth Science Research Group

The Tectonics and Earth Resources Research Group are committed to providing information on geological systems. According to their recent research, it has been found that the shapes and sizes of the continents have dramatically changed in the last 3 billion years. The team has also contributed to exploring the processes responsible for continental expansion and deformation.

Plant Science Research Group

The scientists involved in this research have been contributing solutions to complicated global issues such as renewable fuels, food security and ecosystem restoration. They also have planning to introduce cutting-edge research infrastructure for the whole plant, molecular and cell studies.

Food Science Research Group

The research team is focused on determining how key nutrients devise to identify disease risk, particularly related to aging and B-vitamins. With the use of post harvest technologies and food processing, the food scientists have examined the effectiveness of food bioactives on human health.

Water Science Research Group

The research team is focused on determining how vital nutrients devise to identify disease risk, mainly related to aging and B-vitamins. With the use of post-harvest technologies and food processing, the food scientists have examined the effectiveness of food bioactive on human health.

Environmental and Climate Change Research

This team researches hydrology, palaeoclimatology, climatology and landscape modelling. They are working with the main objective to determine the key factors as well as impacts of environmental and climate change in both the private and public sectors. The researchers have discovered new-age equipment and research tools to identify the factors that can control droughts, floods and other natural calamities in NSW.

Sustainable Ecosystem Restoration Research Group

Nothing can be more innovational than having a team of scientists who can focus on the restoration and reconstruction of ecosystems. The Sustainable Ecosystem Restoration Research group at the University of Newcastle is leveraging their expertise to construct the habitat for various threatened species, flora, fauna and microbes. The group is working with leading industries and the state government and has developed new ponds across Newcastle.

We Believe in Statistics!

Statistics is a way of converting complex systems into quantitative modelling, which account for the variability and dynamics in any system. It is the science of grasping information from data.

Helps in Presenting Numerical Evidences

Our team of statisticians is dedicated to providing critical guidance in producing credible analyses and predictions.

Produces Accurate Results

Our analysts use well-integrated statistical procedures to produce precise results.

Minimise Common Pitfalls

A streamlined statistical process can help you avoid common errors including biased samples, causality and over generalisation.

Our Expertise & Efficiency

Newcastle Innovation Science has all the potential to make people aware of Newcastle’s social infrastructural, science and economic developments. Our expertise lies in finding, evaluating, and presenting complex systems into readable and understandable information.


We have organised more than 50 events on Science, Innovation and IT across Newcastle.

Staff Members

We possess a team of scientists, researchers, statisticians, IT experts, designers and entrepreneurs.


The success of our seminars and events lies on our team of dedicated and zealous volunteers.

Years of Experience

Providing reliable and precise information on new innovations, IT and Science projects, environmental and climate change researches to our society

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