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We have a team of highly-trained professionals who strive to provide you with genuine information in a well-organised manner. They are experienced, trained and skilled professionals who understand the importance of providing our customers with the best user-experience. They research and present the most important and valuable information about latest development in the world of advanced technology and science we live in. So, if you are an enthusiast, business owners, student, housewife or anyone with an interest in Science and Information Technology and its development, then we are here to help you with all the information you need! Through our portal you can learn about different kinds of things such as plant science, environmental and climate change, sustainable ecosystem restoration, and much more.



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Earth Science: Tectonics & Earth Resources

The Tectonics and Earth Resources Research Group aim at understanding the crucial role of plate tectonics in the global earth system and also examines the entire lithospheric process. This process creates the physical environment in which we live. The research has been carried out within a plate tectonic framework that emphasises on the creation and dispersal of continents.

The TERG group strives to identify the specific tectonic settings to understand the growth of the Australian Continents or the evolution of landscapes. This research has helped in knowing the responsible factors for continental formation and deformation.

Research & Development

A well-determined research and development (R&D) process is vital for driving innovation in any economy. The NSW government has been investing in R&D to give long-term benefits to the people of Newcastle. Let’s dig more and explore the discoveries in Science & IT Sector.

Plant Science

The Plant Science Group has earned national and international recognition in finding physiological and molecular mechanisms that regulate nutrient transport in higher plants. The group is fully committed to finding and developing common issues such as renewable fuels, food security and ecosystem restoration. Recently, PSG has broadened its research portfolio to add a molecular genetics approach to find out biofuel production, sugar metabolism, and environmental stress adaptation. The research team is fully-equipped with high-grade technologies such as PC2 laboratory for cell and molecular studies along with an electron microscope. There is also a suite of environmentally-friendly cabinets and growth rooms, and PC2 temperature-controlled glasshouse.

Food Science

The Nutrition, food and health research team at the University of Newcastle focuses on examining how nutrients and genes devise to transfigure disease risk, especially about aging and B-vitamins. The best part is that the molecular nutrition research applies both cell culture and clinical strategies. There is also a strategy to better examine the functional food bioactive and their effectiveness on human health. This consists of green tea catechins, folic acid and probiotics. Apart from this, the food scientists have been leveraging food processing and post-harvest technologies for storing and processing fruits and vegetables. The research also includes membrane science for water and food treatment to determine the biological/ pharmacological activities.

Water Science

The water science research team is committed to managing human activities to save marine life and sustain resources across the catchment to coast. New-age technologies have been introduced to support the sustainable use and preserve the cultural, social and economic values of catchments and coasts. The team is towards developing innovative assessment and restoring the techniques to conserve and manage the living resources and environments of coasts. The research group conducts detailed research in collaboration with industry, Newcastle government and international development agencies and other broader communities. The main objective behind these researches is to control the use of catchment water and land, reduce pollution and introduce exotic species to the people.

Environmental and Climate Change

The Environmental and Climate Change Research Team at the University of Newcastle focuses on diverse areas including climatology, hydrology, landscape modelling and palaeoclimatology. The research is conducted to understand the key factors and impacts of environmental and climate change. This allows stakeholders from both public and private sectors to evaluate their ecological and climate-related risks and heads towards more sustainable strategies. They have state-of-the-art equipment and research tools to find out the factors that can control floods and droughts in Newcastle, NSW.

Sustainable Ecosystem Restoration

The Centre for Sustainable Ecosystem Restoration focuses on contributing their scientific knowledge to restoration and reconstruction of ecosystems. Restoration and reconstruction of woodland ecosystems and the native forest was the initial goal of this research group. This included the habitat construction for different types of threatened species such as the Green and Golden Bell Frog. Research has been conducted to discover the facts and apply the knowledge while constructing the habitat for flora, fauna and microbes. New ponds have been built across Newcastle, developed and remodelled the dispersal for a plan and microbial species maximise their species and diversity.

Modern Infrastructure

The NSW government is soon delivering a feasible program of both social and economic infrastructure.

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Science & IT Capabilities

We let you discover the capabilities of Science and IT Faculty at the University of Newcastle. These capabilities are categorised in diverse research groups including Psychology or Sciences, Design & IT.

Advanced Synthetic Materials Group

This is a renowned research group consisting of chemists who have worked with the University of Newcastle. It involves all the researchers who are passionate about designing, synthesising and characterising new multimodal composites.

Applied Informatics Research Group

The group has been founded with the sole aim to conduct leading researches in big data document, modelling human-robot, image processing and human-agent interaction technologies.

Clinical and Health Psychology Group

This particular research group at the University of Newcastle is focusing on psychological science and practice to prevent and treat both physical and mental ill-health.

Frequently Asked Questions

The New South Wales Government is taking the integrated approach to develop and strengthen the partnerships between government, industry and academia via a range of platforms and initiatives. The NSW department recently launched a cyber security development strategy to let cyber security companies register and participate in newly established programs.

The government is planning to introduce some of the major future-driven projects including urban regeneration programs, road and rail infrastructure, transit-oriented developments in Newcastle. All the infrastructure opportunities will be available for direct investment as well as participation in construction, management, design and operation of projects.

The primary strategy is to support the industry in commercialising research and development. The department is committed to growing exports of new-age medical technologies across the world.

Overall, the resources, energy and mining sector of New South Wales produced around A$11 billion revenue during 2014-15. This happed owing to the massive demand for raw materials from the Asia countries, particularly China, Republic of Korea and Japan. Coal is the largest single export product from New South in terms of value, while the most important metal exports include gold, lead, steel, iron, copper and aluminium. During 2015-16, coal industry of NSW produced nearly 247 million tonnes of raw coal, including 191 million tonnes of marketable coal. The total worth of the coal was around $14.5 billion or roughly 80% of the entire value of the mineral production of the state.

You can choose from a wide range of investment opportunities such as:

  • Gold mines
  • Wind power firms
  • Multibillion-dollar gas exploration projects
  • Start-up solar

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