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We allow you to discover the potential of Science and IT Faculty at the University of Newcastle. These capabilities are widely categorised in diversified groups such as Applied Informatics, Psychology or Sciences, Design & IT.

This research group is known for designing, synthesising and characterising advanced multimodal composites. The group is formed by a team of highly experienced researchers and chemists who have served the University of Newcastle.

The main purpose of this research group is to find and measure leading researches in big data document, modelling human-robot, image processing and human-agent interaction technologies.

The Applied Chemistry group combines in-depth knowledge and expertise to the field of electrochemistry. The chemists and researchers are focused on analysing and storing energy resources.

The University of Newcastle is a renowned member of the ANFF Materials node. It provides a new-age industry with access to cutting-edge fabrication capabilities via a network of more than 500 specialised instruments in Australia.

Environment, Ecosystem & Climate

The restoration and reconstruction of catchments, native forests and woodland ecosystems have become an integral part of our society. It not only saves threatened species but also reshape the ecosystem.

Newcastle has various re-developed sub-catchments creating a part of the larger Hunter River Catchment – which is one of the biggest coastal catchments in NSW.

Restoring and reconstructing the ecosystems such as native forests, habitat ponds, forest vegetation complex and woodland ecosystem is the sole aim of this research group.

Their statistics and researchers are towards monitoring, preserving and managing the unique fauna animals in their ecosystems. The team has welcomed high-grade tools and technologies to increase the biodiversity in urban landscapes.

The Environment Water Science Group has a number of researchers and scientists who are interested in preserving the quality of water across the rivers, catchments and coastal.

Healthy Body and Mind

Bad lifestyle could lead you towards the stress, mental disability and ill health. Hence its prevention has become a top priority throughout the world, including Australia. The University of Newcastle has formed a few research teams to improve this scenario as soon as possible.

This particular research group at the University of Newcastle is focusing on psychological science and practice to prevent and treat both physical and mental ill-health.

This therapy is for the prevention and cure of psychotic disorders. New technologies and techniques have been introduced by the researchers to improve the existing processes and strategies.

From the generation population to elite athletes, we emphasise more on achieving the determined goals using state-of-the-art tools. The idea behind this research is to evaluate the percentage of fit people.

The research group is also committed to bringing change in the behaviour of health by letting people reduce the consumption of alcohol, cigarette and drug via a range of strategies and programs.

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